ABCi English Project Week

At the BRG Landwied -  Students‘  feedback


The ABCi team were so funny and this week was the best in my school life!

I really enjoyed this week and I am so proud to say that I understood everything they said.

It was great to listen to real native speakers and learn about their home countries.

It was great to speak English for a whole week.

We played games like “Change seats if...” and sang songs like “ A rig of bamboo”.

The dramas were awesome!

I had a really cool time and the games were fun. I think I’ve learned a lot of new words.

It was interesting to hear the different accents of the teachers.

What an amazing, fantastic and interesting week! We learned a lot about different countries, cultures, fashion, fitness and health.

I really enjoyed speaking English only. It was a great way to improve our talking and to learn new words.

The songs were much fun and the dramas on Friday were the perfect  highlight of the week.

If I could, I would take part in a second English week!